Case Studies

Treatment of Demodex Mange in Young Dog

Some basic diagnostic tests and specific treatment quickly turned his life around! This young dog was brought to the emergency clinic by animal control and a local pit bull rescue organization took over his care. As you can see in his initial photos, he had a dermatology problem! Lesions that were present included alopecia (hair […] Read more>

Some Skin Conditions are Breed Associated: Zinc Responsive Dermatosis in the French Bulldog

Veterinary dermatologists primarily care for dogs and cats with conditions involving the skin, ears, hair coat, nails and mucosae. We see parasites, skin infections, allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances, and metabolic or systemic diseases that have cutaneous manifestations. Many skin diseases have characteristic features or breed associations we are trained to identify.  The first […] Read more>

Epitheliotrophic Cutaneous Lymphoma (Lauren Pinchbeck DVM, MS, DACVD)

History: 11 yr old MC Beagle presented for moderate pruritus and new skin lesions on his trunk of 2 months duration. A hair coat color change (greying) was noted over the preceding 12 months. Cephalosporin antibiotics, antimicrobial shampoos, antihistamines, and prednisone had been dispensed without a change in lesion appearance or pruritus. Apoquel (oclacitinib) was […] Read more>

Refractory Canine Oral Papillomatosis Case Study

A 9 month old Male Bernese Mountain dog was referred to the dermatology service with a 4 month history of canine oral papillomatosis involving the upper and lower lips, rostral aspect of the dorsal tongue, the hard palate and oral mucosae. Lesions had progressed rapidly over the 4 months prior to presentation despite earlier excision […] Read more>

Pemphigus Foliaceus in Cats: Symptoms and Treatment

By Lauren R. Pinchbeck DVM, MS, DACVD   Pemphigus Foliaceus in Cats   Pemphigus foliaceus (PF) is the most common feline autoimmune skin disease. Pemphigus diseases result from the formation of antibodies against keratinocyte structures, and differ because each has a different target antigen and/or histopathologic feature. Epidermal cells have structures involved in cell to cell […] Read more>

Sebaceous Adenitis in Dogs – Treatment and Diagnosis

Sebaceous Adenitis in Dogs History: A 10 yr old castrated male Hungarian Vizsla was referred to Northeast Veterinary Dermatology Specialists for evaluation of a progressive patchy hair loss that was first noted in November 2012. He had no previous skin problems.  There was a mild itch involving the sites of lesions on the trunk and […] Read more>

“Truckstop” and a Full Recovery from Skin Lesions

“Truckstop” was a 6-8 week old black Laborador Retriever presented by a good-samaritan to the veterinary dermatologist for evaluation of a severe itch and generalized crusting dermatitis of unknown duration. Past medical history was not available. The skin lesions involved the entire face, neck, limbs, elbows, hocks, abdomen, chest and portions of the trunk. At […] Read more>

Puppy Elkins: An Approach to Crusting Dermatitis

On initial presentation, “Puppy” was an otherwise healthy 5 year old spayed Boston Terrier with a progressive crusting dermatitis of several months duration. She was also moderately “itchy” where there were lesions. “Puppy” was treated with antibiotics by her primary care veterinarian for superficial bacterial folliculitis without any improvement in the lesion severity. Antihistamines were […] Read more>