Animal Dermatology and Veterinary Allergy Specialists in New York and Connecticut

New York and Connecticut animal dermatology and allergy specialists Drs. Nina Shoulberg and Lauren Pinchbeck, and their dedicated team of veterinary technicians treat diseases involving the skin, hair, ears and nails, providing the most effective, safe, state of the art care possible.

That may include, for example, intradermal and serum testing for airborne allergens, immunotherapy, the diagnosis and treatment of ear diseases using video otoscopy, and removal of skin tumors using a carbon dioxide laser.

The team of board-certified dermatology and allergy specialists treat cats and dogs. Diseases treated include allergies, bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasitic infestations, endocrine disorders and immune-mediated diseases.

Drs. Shoulberg, Pinchbeck and their team recognize that educating clients about their pets’ skins diseases is key to providing the best possible care – care that is, compassionate, effective and practical.

The client’s regular veterinarian is kept in the loop as well, as he or she must remain actively involved in the pet’s treatment. To this end, a referral letter is sent after each visit and communication with the pet owner is relayed to the primary veterinarian.

By staying abreast of the frequent and exciting advances in veterinary dermatology, Dr. Shoulberg, Dr. Pinchbeck and their team provide only the most sound – and most current treatments available to pet owners today.