Products to Try: Preva® Medicated Wipes

Preva medicated wipes

Preva® Wipes (Bayer Animal Health) are an effective antibacterial product safe for use in dogs and cats. The active ingredient is nisin, a natural antimicrobial derived from Lactococcus lactis. It is effective in rapidly killing gram-positive bacteria at very low concentrations. Data has demonstrated low MIC90s for nisin against methicillin- resistant staphylococci we see regularly in clinical practice. Its efficacy for treatment of staphylococci overgrowth and superficial bacterial folliculitis has been shown in an open trial. Preva® wipes come in a biodegradable towelette large enough to treat affected body sites.



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We use Preva® wipes often in the management of bacterial skin infections in dogs and find it useful for localized areas of infection involving the pinnae, lip folds, facial folds, tail folds, interdigital skin, perianal and perivulvar skin, and axillae. Additionally, Preva® wipes can be used to wipe down the entire hair coat of dogs on a daily basis to facilitate pollen removal from the hair coat of dogs with canine atopic dermatitis. It may also be used in a similar fashion on cats that are poor groomers.

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