Services, Tests And Procedures

Northeast Veterinary Dermatology Specialists is a full-service dermatology practice, with a dedicated team of veterinary staff treating diseases involving the skin, hair, ears and nails. Our services, tests and procedures result in the most effective, safe, and state-of-the-art care.
Consultation and Treatment of the following diseases in dogs and cats

Diagnostic tests

  • Cytology to identify infections of the skin and ears
  • Deep skin scrapings for demodex mites
  • Superficial skin scrapings for several surface dwelling mites
  • Bacterial culture and susceptibility testing
  • Fungal cultures for ringworm and other fungal infections
  • Allergy testing to identify allergens to which you pet is hypersensitive
  • CT scans to evaluate pets with chronic ear infections for otitis media
  • Video otoscopy and ear flushing for patients with ear infections
  • Skin biopsies for dermatohistopathology examination
  • Genetic testing for the defect that confers ivermectin hypersensitivity in collies and their crosses